May 2: New or Revised OELs and ACGIH TLVs


The ACGIH has published the 2013 new or revised TLVs. So the following substances have been added to the Table of Occupational Exposure Limits for Excluded Substances in Prevention Policy R5.48-1 but the current BC OELs will be maintained until the Board decides whether to adopt the new or revised ACGIH TLVs:

  • Aliphatic hydrocarbon gases, Alkanes [C1 – C4]
  • Clopidol
  • Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether
  • N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine
  • Ethyl tert-butyl ether
  • Manganese, elemental and inorganic compounds, as Mn
  • Methyl isoamyl ketone
  • Tributyl phosphate.