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Workplace Violence Threat Assessment Checklist

Date First Published on OHS Insider: January 23rd, 2013
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Before you use this tool, you may want to read the further analysis presented here.


Most OHS laws require employers to protect workers from violence in the workplace. So say someone makes a threat against a worker. Once the employer becomes aware of the threat, it must take appropriate action. But how can an employer properly assess that threat to determine whether it’s legitimate and, if so, what steps to take to address it? In some circumstances, the answer may be to establish a threat assessment team to make such determinations.


Your threat assessment team can use a checklist such as this one to assess a threat of violence against an employee. The checklist is also useful for documenting the team’s investigation of the threat and assessment of it. Explain any question given a “yes” answer in detail in the area provided at the end and get information to answer any questions marked “unknown.”


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