Worker Charged with Murder in Stabbing Deaths at AB Work Camp


Workers may be at increased risk when working alone or in relative isolation, such as at a logging site or a temporary labour camp. For example, if workers get hurt while at such a camp, it may be difficult to get them appropriate medical treatment as quickly as possible. And isolated workers are more vulnerable to workplace violence.

For example, an Edmonton man was just charged with murder and other crimes in the stabbing deaths of two people at a work camp in northwestern Alberta. One of the deceased was a camp employee, while the other was a client. The attacker was also working at the camp. There were only 20 people there at the time of the attack.

To protect workers who work alone or at remote sites from violence and other safety hazards, you should conduct a workplace hazard assessment to identify the hazards faced by such workers and appropriate measures to protect them. (Use this working alone risk assessment form.)

In addition, train workers on what to do if they encounter potentially violent people on the job. (For example, give them this safety talk on the hazards of working alone.)

Here are additional tips for protecting workers when they’re alone.

And for more information on addressing workplace violence, go to the OHS Insider’s Workplace Violence Compliance Centre.