Danger in the Workplace: Using a Team to Assess Threats of Violence


Watch Glenn French as he walks you through using a Threat Assessment Team (TAT) to assess specific, targeted threats at your workplace.

As a result of well-publicized incidents in both Canada and the United States “workplace violence” is now recognized as a specific category of occupational risk that calls for distinct responses from employers, law enforcement, and the community.

Although Canada and the United States may differ in the types and frequency of workplace violence, both countries share a common concern about how to identify and respond to known or suspected threats of harm. One such strategy gaining prominence is the use of “Threat Assessment Teams”, commonly referred to as TAT.The underlying belief is that a well-coordinated team approach before, during, and after a threatening incident can deter potentially violent situations and maximizes the ability to provide care, welfare, safety, and security for everyone involved.This webinar provides participants with an overview of the critical components involved in considering, developing and implementing a TAT.

Specifically, Glenn reviews:

  • The difference between organizational risk and individual threat assessments
  • The role and mandate of the TAT (Terms of Reference)
  • Choosing TAT members (Training and responsibilities)
  • Incident reporting procedures
  • Required documentation and reports
  • How to conduct your investigation, which includes gathering records and archival information
  • The core components of a comprehensive risk assessment
  • The importance of risk abatement planning
  • Balancing individual privacy with the “duty to warn”
  • Interventions and much needed supports for the target
  • Post-incident review

Recorded Wednesday
Feb 20, 2013

Download the presentation below.