Injuries Suffered in Assault at Work Camp Covered by Workers’ Comp


A worker was staying at a camp provided by his employer. He and a co-worker went drinking in a nearby town and when they returned to the camp, the co-worker assaulted the worker. He suffered facial injuries and a broken ankle. His workers’ comp claim was denied, so he appealed. The Appeals Commission ruled that the worker’s injuries were covered by workers’ comp. Because of the nature of his employment, he had to be in the camp location provided by his employer. He was making reasonable use of these premises prior to the assault. And as the worker was unable to control the environment in his living quarters or determine who lived there, the Commission found the hazard arose as a result of the employer-provided residential facility. So there was an indirect relationship between his employment duties and the assault [2015-0447 (Re), [2015] CanLII 32286 (AB WCAC), June 10, 2015].