Learn Strategies to Protect Workers from Heat Stress


Summer is officially here and with it the high temperatures and humidity that can make working outside so uncomfortable and even dangerous. But there are things that you can do to protect your workers from getting heat stress and other heat-related illnesses.

Join us on July 9 for a webinar on proven strategies you can implement that may not keep workers cool but will protect them in high heat/humidity conditions.

At this webinar, consultant Don Dressler will:

  • Discuss why acclimation is vital for keeping workers safe;
  • Explain the environmental risk factors for heat illness;
  • Describe in detail the four essentials of heat illness prevention;
  • Recommend how to put together written procedures that comply with the standards and provide a framework for a heat illness training program;
  • Suggest how to assess and evaluate work environment controls and whether they’ll reduce heat-related illnesses;
  • Review how to train your workers and managers to recognize the signs of heat stress;
  • Recommend what to do in the event of heat illness or emergency and the necessary first-aid steps to take to save lives; and
  • Suggest ways to identify and evaluate resources to assist in developing your heat illness prevention program.

Pro Members can attend for free but must still register. All others can buy a seat to this valuable session.

In the meantime, go to the OHS Insider’s Heat Stress Compliance Centre for tools, information and other resources to protect your workers this summer, such as a heat stress self-audit checklist, an infographic on summer health and safety hazards and a sun safety handout for workers.

And at SafetyPoster.com, you can buy a heat stress S.A.F.E System that includes posters, a safety meeting outline, table tents and worker cards.