Improving Overall Safety Culture Still Top Priority for Safety Professionals


At the start of a new year, people often reassess both their personal and professional lives and decide what their priorities in terms of improvements will be. Will they try to lose weight or train for a marathon? Will they aim for a promotion or learn a new business skill?

Safety professionals may use this time to set priorities for their workplace and its OHS program or safety culture.

We asked you what your top safety priority was for 2015. You said

  • Improve the overall safety culture (62%)
  • Improve existing OHS program (13%)
  • Provide improved safety training (8%)
  • Prepare for GHS/coming changes to WHMIS (8%)
  • Implement an OHS program (8%)
  • Other (3%).

We asked the same question last January and got similar results:

  • Improve the overall safety culture (52%)
  • Improve existing OHS program (25%)
  • Prepare for GHS/coming changes to WHMIS (13%)
  • Provide improved safety training (6%)
  • Implement an OHS program (4%).

There appears to be a continuing need for improving the safety culture in many workplaces. To help you achieve this priority, the OHS Insider has many resources, such as:

For information and tools to help you implement or improve your OHS program, go to the index topic “OHS Programs.”

And for those of you preparing for GHS, the WHMIS/GHS Compliance Centre will keep you up-to-date on the coming implementation of GHS in Canada, which is expected to officially start in 2015, and how it’ll impact your current WHMIS program and training.

Speaking of training, incorporate our Spot the Safety Violations and Quick Quizzes into your training program.