Auditing Your OHS/EHS Program


Like many safety coordinators, you’ve probably worked hard to set up an OHS/EHS program that complies with the OHS and environmental laws and protects workers and the environment. But how do you know if your program is effective and still compliant? Answer: By auditing it.

In a recent poll, we asked if you audit your OHS/EHS program. The results:

  • 55% said you audit it on a regular basis, such as every year;
  • 15% said you audit it but not regularly; and
  • A shockingly high 30% said you don’t conduct audits at all.

If you’re not regularly auditing your OHS/EHS program, you should be.

To learn how to conduct an effective safety, health and environmental audit, attend our webinar on April 12 with speaker Pamela Walaski, CSP, CHMM, president of JC Safety and Environmental Inc.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan your audit
  • Perform the audit from start to finish
  • Adhere to ISO, ANSI and other standards
  • Use cost-effective steps to audit with existing staff
  • Target high-risk areas
  • Justify the need for an audit to top management
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that lead to ineffective audits
  • Use the information you get from your audit to prevent injuries and protect your company from liability
  • And much more.

Click here for information on how you can register for the webinar whether you’re a Pro member or not.

And click here to learn how a CSA standard can help you conduct an environmental compliance audit.

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