PPE Hazard Assessment Checklist



If you can’t eliminate or minimize a safety hazard using engineering controls or safe work practices, you must ensure that workers have and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from that hazard. But before you can know if workers need PPE, you must assess your workplace for hazards, which will help you select the appropriate PPE for any hazards present or likely to be present.


Adapt this checklist for your OHS program, workplace and the requirements in your jurisdiction’s OHS laws on PPE. Use it to assess your workplace and identify the hazards by the body parts affected. Use a separate sheet for each job/task or work area you assess. Decide how to control the identified hazards, considering engineering, workplace and/or administrative controls first. If the hazard can’t be eliminated without using PPE, indicate which type(s) of PPE will be required to protect workers from the hazard.


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