Fall Protection Plan Template



Falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injury in Canada. As a result, the OHS laws require employers to protect workers from falling (such as by installing guard rails) and protect them if they should fall (such as by providing and requiring workers to use fall arrest systems). And some jurisdictions go further and require employers to implement fall protection plans. An effective fall protection plan should generally have six components:

1. Fall hazards at workplace

2. Fall protection systems to be used

3. Anchors to be used

4. Confirmation of clearance distances below the work area

5. Procedures to assemble, maintain, inspect, use and disassemble the fall protection systems

6. Rescue procedures.


Use this template to develop a fall protection plan for your workplace. Adapt the template for the fall protection plan requirements under your jurisdiction’s OHS laws.


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  • Rob Gagne

    MORE on Rescue Planning, as a WAH trainer, I ask who has a rescue plan no one ever does them or know anything about rescue and time limitations of rescuing a fallen worker!!!!