April 3: Changes to OHS Regulations Proposed


WorkSafeBC proposed amendments to the following OHS regulations. You can submit written comments by June 8 or participate in public hearings to be held in May and June:

  • Part 5, Chemical Agents and Biological Agents (to correct the reference to combustible dust and update the reference to the Electrical Code);
  • Part 11, Fall Protection (to clarify whether fall protection anchors must be re-certified annually by a professional engineer in all circumstances);
  • Part 12, Tools, Machinery and Equipment (to recognize a riving knife as an acceptable device to prevent kickback on table saws);
  • Part 12, Tools, Machinery and Equipment and related changes to Part 23, Oil and Gas (to ban applying compressed gas at a greater pressure than the pressure rating for a closed vessel that isn’t a registered pressure vessel and require such vessels to have appropriate pressure relieving capability);
  • Part 13, Ladders, Scaffolds and Temporary Work Platforms, and Part 19, Electrical Safety (to clarify the appropriate requirements for dielectric testing of insulated elevating work platforms and ensuring consistent requirements in these two Parts);
  • Part 13, Ladders, Scaffolds and Temporary Work Platforms (as to the use of work platforms supported by a lift truck);
  • Part 16, Mobile Equipment (to clarify what equipment must meet and be used in accordance with Sec. 16.3(7));
  • Part 19, Electrical Safety (to replace current terminology with terms that are appropriate to low voltage electrical equipment and to establish a provision allowing the practice of passing the bucket of an insulated aerial working device between energized high voltage conductors if not practicable to do work otherwise, due to terrain or other obstacles);
  • Part 26, Forestry Operations and Similar Activities (to require radio channel and frequency signage on all resource roads).