Does Canada Post Have to Include Carrier Routes in Workplace Inspections?


Letter carriers argued that workplace inspections needed to include their routes. But Canada Post said that carriers were supposed to report hazards they see on their routes to their supervisors, which was sufficient. After a carrier complained, a health and safety officer found that Canada Post had violated the JHSC inspection duties by excluding the carrier routes. The OHS Panel disagreed. It agreed that the routes were part of the workplace. But because the routes were public areas that Canada Post didn’t own and had no control over or right to alter, it couldn’t ensure that inspections were done of these areas. Thus, the inspection duty didn’t apply to the routes, concluded the Panel, which added that Canada Post did have other measures in place to ensure the safety of carriers on their routes [Canada Post Corporation v. Canadian Union of Postal Workers, [2014] OHSTC 22, Nov. 27, 2014].