ON 2014-15 Safety Inspection Blitz Schedule & Compliance Resources


On April 3, Ontario’s Ministry of Labour released its schedule of inspection blitzes for the rest of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. The schedule includes inspections focusing on compliance with both OHS and employment standards requirements. The MOL will also be conducing smaller-scale initiatives both across the province and regionally.

Here’s the OHS blitz schedule as well as links to OHS Insider resources, including tools, to help make sure your workplace can pass inspection:





OHSI Resources

Excavation Hazards Construction May 2014 Focus on: Construction SafetyHazard Profile: Excavations and Trenching

Spot the Safety Violation

Trench/Excavation Inspection Checklist

New & Young Workers Industrial May-Aug. 2014 New and Young Worker Compliance Centre
Fall Protection/Hazards Construction July-Aug. 2014 Fall Protection PlansFall Protection Plan Template

Hierarchy of Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Checklist

Explosives Mining July-Aug. 2014 Safety in the Mining IndustryA Look Back at Westray

Lessons from the West Virginia Mining Tragedy

Materials Handling Industrial Sept. 15-Oct. 26, 2014 Manual Materials HandlingSpot the Safety Violation

Ergonomics Compliance Centre

Ground Control Mining Oct.-Nov. 2014 Traffic Control PlansTraffic Control Plan Form
Machine Guarding Industrial Nov. 3-Dec. 14, 2014 Machine Guards: OHS RequirementsChoosing an Appropriate Guard

Machine Guarding Checklist

Elements of a Troubleshooting Policy

Spot the Safety Violation

Slips, Trips & Falls Industrial Feb. 2-March 15, 2015 Slips, Trips & Falls Inspection ChecklistHousekeeping Requirements under the OHS Laws

Safety Footwear Requirements under the OHS Laws

Spot the Safety Violation #1

Spot the Safety Violation #2

Safe System on Slips, Trips & Falls

Water Management Mining Feb.-March 2015