Serving Alcohol at Your Holiday Party?


Holiday season is here and with it comes office parties. Yes, these occasions can be fun and give workers a chance to celebrate the year’s accomplishments with co-workers. But for employers, they’re fraught with danger—especially if alcohol is served at them.

Obviously, when people are drinking, there’s the risk they’ll drive home while under the influence. But alcohol can also create other problems for employers. For example, people who are intoxicated may engage in inappropriate behaviour that could constitute harassment for which an employer may be held liable.

However, despite the risks, serving alcohol at office parties is still popular. In fact, a recent poll question asked if you were serving alcohol at your holiday office party. Here’s what you said:

  • 39% said no, you weren’t serving any alcohol at all
  • 33% said yes, you were having an open bar and people could drink as much as they wanted
  • 18% said yes, but everyone got only two drink tickets
  • 9% said yes, but you were serving only beer and wine.

OHS Insider Resources

If alcohol is going to be available at your office party this holiday season, make sure to take steps to minimize your liability risks. Here are some articles and tools to help you protect your workers and your company from liability: