Owner & Company Fined $130,000 for Hazardous Waste Offences


MOE officers inspected a waste transfer and processing company’s facility, which was permitted under its Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) to accept liquid industrial waste, hazardous waste and solid non-hazardous waste and store it for no more than 180 days. They found wastes that had been stored for more than 180 days. The company and its owner were issued a Provincial Officer’s Order, requiring submission of an action plan and steps to be taken to ensure compliance with the 180 day waste storage limit. But they didn’t comply with this order. The company and the owner, who’d sold the company in the meantime, were convicted of violating the Environmental Protection Act by failing to comply with the ECA. The court fined the company $120,000 and the owner $10,000 [Scott Environmental Group Ltd. and George Scott, Govt. News Release, July 28, 2015].