Threatening Co-Worker Costs Worker Her Job


After disciplining a worker multiple times for angry, violent behaviour at work, a city fired her after she uttered a death threat to a co-worker. The worker had a history of anger management issues in the workplace. But only two days after completing counselling, she told the co-worker that he would be dead like a friend of his who’d recently died. The worker’s conduct afterwards didn’t reflect any acceptance of responsibility for her misconduct, appreciation of how serious her misconduct was or indication that she was going to take steps to gain control over her “angry impulses.” Thus, the arbitrator concluded that her termination was warranted, noting that the worker “was the author of her own circumstances” [City of Kingston v. Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 109, [2011] CanLII 50313 (ON L.A.), Aug. 18, 2011].