THE OTHER OHS REFORM TRACK: Other Likely OHS Changes Not in Bill 160


The final piece of this update is a reminder that the MOL is likely to proceed with other OHS changes not included in Bill 160 via the promulgation of new regulations (which don’t require legislative approval) and/or internal Ministry policies and initiatives. The key non-Bill 168 changes are likely to include:

  • A new mandatory-to-display workplace poster setting out the rights of workers, the duties of supervisors and employers and information on contacting the MOL—likely to be developed by the MOL itself;
  • The re-issuance of MOL Guidelines on Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health and Safety Representatives, e.g., at worksites with high turnover or where temps are employed;
  • The establishment of a new MOL advisory committee on small business;
  • The establishment of a new MOL advisory committee on vulnerable workers;
  • The creation of guidelines for MOL inspectors on laying charges against employers for reprisals; and
  • An internal MOL review of current “ticketing” practices.

Other regulatory initiatives recommended by the Dean Report that might come to fruition include:

  • Revised OHS regulations for farming operations;
  • Establishment of accreditation criteria for companies with highly developed OHS programs; and
  • Issuance of criteria for incorporating bidders’ health and safety performance into government procurement and contractor selection methods.