10 Key Points About C-45 You Need To Know


What is Bill c-45?

Bill C-45 is federal legislation that amended the Canadian Criminal Code and became law on March 31, 2004. The Bill provided new rules for attributing criminal liability to organizations, their representatives and those who direct the work of others in regards to workplace health and safety, while imposing serious criminal penalties for violations that result in injuries or death.

New Sections of the Criminal Code

217.1 Every one who undertakes, or has the authority, to direct how another person does work or performs a task is under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task.

The Bottom Line

C-45 targets only the most serious offenders and if you continue to show (and can prove that you showed) due diligence to protect workers and comply with OHS laws, you won’t go to jail.