Selling Management (and Workers) on Safety


For safety professionals, workplace safety is their focus and priority, their raison d’etre so to speak. But for other groups in the workplace, such as management and workers, safety may not be on the top of the priority list—if it’s even on the list at all. So safety coordinators are often in the position of having to “sell” safety initiatives and measures to others in the workplace.

We recently asked you who was the harder sell when it came to safety—management or workers? Management was the hands’ down winner—or loser, depending on your perspective—with 71% of the votes.

So what can you do to more effectively sell safety to senior management in your workplace?

On, we have a whole series of articles designed to help you do just that. Under “Topics,” simply go to “Business Case for Safety” and you’ll find lots of articles and other resources to help you get management’s support, including:

And just because it’s easier to get workers on board with safety doesn’t mean that they always follow safety rules, procedures, etc. Too often, they take shortcuts or forget to put on PPE and end up hurt—or worse.

So how do you drive home the importance of compliance with safety rules to workers?

One way is by showing them that workers can and are being prosecuted for OHS violations.