Most Safety Budgets Stay Stable for 2014, Says Poll


One of the biggest challenges safety professional face is getting the funding that they need to ensure an effective and proactive OHS program and compliance with the safety laws. Even when times are good economically, senior management may still be reluctant to invest more than they think they have to in the OHS program. And if your company is struggling financially, your safety budget may take a big hit.

We recently asked how your safety budget for 2014 compares to 2013’s budget:

  • 52% said it was the same
  • Unfortunately, 29% said it was smaller
  • Only 12% have bigger budgets this year
  • 7% said their 2014 budgets weren’t finalized yet.

We asked the same question a few years ago about your 2012 safety budget compared to 2011. The results that year were similar in one respect—50% said their budget was the same. But only half as many respondents (6%) said their budget was bigger, while 33% said it was smaller.

The conclusion: Things seem to be looking up in terms of safety budgets. At least they’re generally remaining stable and fewer budgets are getting cut.

Of course, just because your budget this year is the same as it was last year doesn’t necessarily mean that you have enough money to have a first-rate OHS program that goes beyond the minimal requirements.

So how do you get senior management to see the value of investing in the OHS program and other safety initiatives?

The OHS Insider has lots of information to help you make the business case for safety. For example, we tell you about: