What Do You Know about Coroner’s Inquests and Fatality Inquiries?


When a worker dies on the job, you may reasonably be concerned about being issued OHS compliance orders or even being prosecuted for safety violations. But a workplace fatality can result in other consequences and proceedings as well, such as coroner’s inquests or fatality inquiries.

These hearings are wide ranging, emotionally difficult inquiries into what went wrong and they almost always explore the prevention of future fatalities. Inquests frequently delve into deficiencies in the workplace, and the practices of employers and other actors.

To learn more about coroner’s inquests and fatality inquiries and what to do if your workplace is subjected to one, attend our April 22 webinar.

In this 90 minute session, which includes a Q&A, OHS lawyers Cheryl A. Edwards and Loretta Bouwmeester will provide insight into the unique inquest process, including strategies to manage this process, minimize negative publicity and avoid recommendations that could impact future functioning of your business.

It’ll focus on advice to management and employers, constructors and prime contractors. But other workplace parties, such as JHSC members, may find this webinar of interest and assistance.

The following will be discussed:

  • How inquests and fatality inquiries occur and when
  • What happens and the specific questions answered as required by law
  • Participants at an inquest or fatality inquiry
  • Why employers may wish to participate in an inquest or fatality inquiry and how to do so
  • Potential outcomes of an inquest or fatality inquiry
  • Best practices for employers to manage risks and pitfalls in the process.

Attendance is FREE for all OHS Insider members (just register online) and only $55 for non-members (register here).