Wal-Mart Hit with Record Fine of $120,000 in Young Worker’s Electrocution


A 17-year-old worker was electrocuted while using a floor buffing and polishing machine on the wet floor of a garage at a Wal-Mart. The floor polisher had been purchased by one of the other technicians at a yard sale and brought to the garage for use. But the store hadn’t authorized its use or trained the technicians on it. In addition, it wasn’t inspected monthly, although the technicians’ supervisor knew it was being used. Wal-Mart pleaded to three OHS violations and a supervisor pleaded guilty to two violations. The court fined the company $120,000—the highest fine ever imposed in the province for a safety violation—and the supervisor $880 [Wal-Mart Canada and Denis Morin, March 21, 2012].