Paper Mill Fined $55,000 after Stack Roll Crushes Worker’s Arm


Three workers used forklifts to place a 44,000-pound, 22-foot-long stack roll onto a cart to bring it into the paper mill. Once inside, a forklift was hooked to the front of the cart. One worker operated the forklift pulling the cart while two others walked along the cart to guide it. To pass through a hallway, the two workers had to manually push and pull on the roll. As the cart moved forward, a wheel hit a column, causing the roll to pinch the arm of one of the workers who had been pushing on it. The worker suffered a crushed arm and wrist. The MOL concluded that the paper mill failed to ensure that the roll was moved in such a way and with such precautions so as not to endanger the safety of the worker. The mill pleaded guilty and was fined $55,000 [Resolute FP Canada Inc., Govt. News Release, July 25, 2014].