More Fines Imposed in Crane Rescue Incident


A fire at a construction project led to the rescue of a crane operator by military helicopter. The MOL’s investigation found that insufficient standpipe—an assembly of pipes and fittings that conveys water to outlets—had been installed at the project. A standpipe is required to mitigate against potential harm from fire. The company building the project pleaded guilty as a constructor to violating the standpipe requirements and was fined $60,000. The company’s owners pleaded guilty for failing to provide all necessary means in their power to facilitate an investigation by an inspector. The court fined one $7,500 and the other $4,000. A supervisor pleaded guilty to the same charge and was fined $2,500 [Jay Patry Enterprises Inc., Jay and Nathan Patry and Troy Stelmach, Govt. News Release, May 19, 2015].