Employer Fined $22,000 after Tractor Fell on & Paralyzed Worker


While a worker was changing a tire on a tractor, the jack failed. The tractor fell on the worker, injuring his spine and resulting in paralysis from the waist down. At the time, there were no blocks in place in case the jack failed. His employer pleaded guilty to its first OHS violation. In sentencing the employer, the court noted that it was a small, privately-owned business with a net income of $326,000. The employer admitted not using blocking to protect workers. But it also spent more than $100,000 to revamp its policies and procedures, including hiring outside safety consultants. So the court concluded that a $22,000 fine was appropriate [R. v. T & L Den Brok Enterprises Inc., [2014] SKPC 97 (CanLII), April 29, 2014].