Emergency Preparedness Must Include Preparing for Natural Disasters


Most workplaces have plans in place in the event of emergencies such as fires, explosions, collapses of machinery and other safety incidents. But these plans also need to address natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods and blizzards, which can have serious safety consequences and impacts on your workplace.

We recently asked if your emergency procedures cover weather-related emergencies. We were thrilled to see that 72% said yes. The 17% who said no have some work to do. And the 9% who weren’t sure really need to find out, especially since we’re now in the midst of hurricane season.

If your workplace is at risk of being hit or impacted by a hurricane, go to the Canadian Hurricane Centre (CHC) for information on how many storms are expected this season and how to prepare for them. You can also get information on approaching storms from the CHC, including watches and warnings. And you can sign up for email alerts on hurricanes.

Of course, hurricanes are hardly the only natural disaster that can affect Canadian workplaces. Some regions are vulnerable to:

If your workplace is in any of these regions, make sure your emergency plans address these weather-related hazards.

Go to the OHS Insider’s Emergency Preparedness & Response Compliance Centre for information, resources and tools on preparing for and responding to natural disasters and other kind of emergencies, such as: