$90,000 Fine Imposed on Cattle Company in Worker’s Death


Cattle farm workers saw a problem with a water bowl located in the cattle field. One of them opened the hatch in the barn floor to the pump room, climbed down, shut off the water valve to the affected bowl and then left. The hatch was placed near the door of the washroom in the barn, leaving the opening to the pump room exposed and uncovered. The washroom is located directly in front of the hatch leading down to the pump room. To access it, a worker would normally walk on the hatch covering the opening to the pump room. A worker employed by a potato company was at the farm to pick up and transfer manure. He was found lying on the floor of the pump room and later died from traumatic brain injuries. An MOL investigation determined that the worker likely stopped at the barn to use the washroom. The cattle farm was fined $90,000 after pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that a worker was prevented from falling through an opening on a floor [Schaus Land and Cattle Co. Ltd., Govt. News Release, May 28, 2015].