Safety Training Record Keeping Form (Ontario Version)


As of July 1, 2014, Ontario workplaces must ensure that all workers and supervisors get safety awareness training that meets the requirements spelled out in a new regulation. One of the requirements is that employers maintain a record of the basic OHS awareness training programs completed by its workers and supervisors as well as a record of workers and supervisors who perform work for it with respect to whom the employer is exempt.


Use this form, which is adapted from one created by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, to keep track of which employees have received awareness training, the type of training they received (worker, supervisor or both), when they were trained and additional related information. You should be prepared to show the completed form when requested by an OHS inspector asking for proof you provided the required safety awareness training. (Note that this form could be adapted for use in other jurisdictions to keep track of  worker and supervisor safety training in general.)