Safety Professionals’ Priorities for the New Year

January is often when people make personal resolutions and set priorities for the new year, such as losing weight, getting in shape or saving more money. We wondered if safety professionals made any similar resolutions for their jobs.

So we asked what your top safety priority for 2013 was. You said:

  • Improve your existing OHS program (39%)
  • Improve the overall safety culture (36%)
  • Provide improved safety training (12%)
  • Implement an OHS program (6%)
  • Upgrade safety equipment, such as PPE (6%).

And apparently no one considers preparing for GHS/coming changes to WHMIS to be a priority this year. (For those who do care, this white paper can get you started.)

Is something else a safety priority for you in 2013? Tell us in the comments.

For those of you looking to implement or improve an OHS program, OHS Insider has resources and tools that’ll help you under the topic “OHS Programs.”

We also have many articles that can give you insight on how to improve the overall safety culture in your workplace, such as:

To address your safety training needs, go to:

  • OHS Insider’s Training Compliance Centre
  • SafetySmart, which provides safety professionals with tools to help them reinforce learning and manage their safety program, such as safety talks, quizzes, cost-of-injury worksheets and injury tracking forms
  • SafetySmart S.A.F.E. System, which includes everything to drive messages on key safety topics throughout your company, including Safety Meeting Outlines for supervisors or trainers, interactive Safety Meeting Cards and Scratch-Off Quiz Cards for workers, Table Tents for high-traffic locations such as break rooms and Safety Posters for reinforcement near entryways, equipment or hazards.