Safety Culture Is a Problem Area in Many OHS Programs

We recently asked in which area you’d most like to see improvement in your company’s OHS program. You said:

  • Safety culture (43%)
  • Support from senior management (24%)
  • Number of injuries/illnesses/fatalities (14%)
  • Safety training (12%)
  • Compliance with OHS laws and regulations (4%).

It’s no surprise that safety culture is such an issue in so many workplaces. After all, safety culture is an intangible concept that’s hard to explain and even harder to measure. But the fact is that a company’s safety culture has a profound impact on the overall success of its OHS program.

So what can you do to improve your company’s safety culture?

A good first step is to determine workers’ view of your company’s safety culture by conducting a safety perception survey. We can tell you how to convince management of the value of such surveys and provide a model safety perception survey.

The OHS Insider also:

  • Tells you about a study that validates the importance of safety culture
  • Explains how your safety culture can impact your fine for an OHS offence
  • Provides a briefing for management on the importance of safety culture
  • Explains how to use “transformational learning” to improve your company’s culture and its OHS program.

And Pro Members can watch a recorded webinar on how to build a positive safety culture for FREE.