Revised Pre-Start Review Rules Take Effect in Ontario

PSR triggers haven’t changed but there are new exemptions and a simplified Table

Notice to Ontario employers: Changes to OHS Pre-Start Review (PSR) rules took effect on January 1, 2022. Here’s a quick briefing.

What Is a PSR?

In 2000, Ontario adopted a rule (contained in Section 7 of the OHS Industrial Establishments Regulation) requiring a PSR before beginning to use certain kinds of potentially hazardous machinery, structures and protective elements for the first time. Carrying out a PSR involves performing a detailed engineering review and making necessary corrections before putting the equipment or process into use.

Who Must Perform a PSR?

The duty to perform a PSR covers a “factory,” which the OHS Act defines broadly as including manufacturing, repair, warehouse, retail, assembly, laundry and just about any other operation except a mine, construction project, logging operation or place where homework is carried out.

What Are the PSR Changes

The equipment and processes triggering the need for a PSR haven’t changed. However, the Table that lists triggers for a PSR and the exemptions associated with that trigger has been simplified. There are also 2 new sets of exemptions (listed in items 1 and 8).