Results of a Survey of American Workers on Perceptions of Workplace Safety

The National Safety Council in the US recently released the results of surveys of 2,000 American workers on their perceptions of workplace safety.

Here are some key findings from workers across all industries:

  • 32% feel management ignores a person’s safety performance when determining promotions
  • 62% say everyone is involved in solving job safety issues
  • 63% of workers feel they work in areas or at stations that are ergonomically correct
  • 47% believe performance standards are higher for job tasks than for safety (this percentage is higher among construction industry workers, where 67% feel this way)
  • 44% said employee health and wellness is promoted at work (in fact, 73% said their organization has an employee well-being or wellness program).

As to safety training in particular:

  • 48% believe safety meetings are held less often than they should be
  • 44% said safety training is a part of every new employee’s orientation
  • 39% believe the safety training provided to them helps them do their jobs safely
  • Only 37% said employees are well-trained in emergency practices, including evacuation.

What do you think Canadian workers would say if asked the same questions? Tell us in the comments below.


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