Setting up a Sustainable Safety System that Drives Safety Improvement

Recorded: August 31, 2016

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Title: Setting up a Sustainable Safety System that Drives Safety Improvement

Speaker: Sean T. Lane, CSP, CHMM, EHS Manager, Domtar – Hawesville, KY Operations

What drives safety at your organization . . . not who (although important), but what? Is it program driven or system driven? What is the vision? What is the strategy? How do you measure success? Is it meaningful to your employees? Does it encourage the right management behaviors? There are so many questions, where do you even start?

Developing a safety system in any organization is a daunting and sometimes unappreciated endeavor. We all know that the basics start with the programs and training that regulators say you must have, but even an organization with the best safety and health programs and most perfect physical hazard correction system can still have a high injury rate. Safety is not as simple as checking the boxes and filling in the blanks of the regulatory domain.

This session will walk through setting up a basic sustainable safety system with checks and balances that drive safety improvement by using a multifaceted approach including proven methods for hazard identification, hazard correction, meaningful feedback, and leadership coaching. It will also provide insight into the establishment of leading metrics that mean something to the people in your organization and drive management by making part of their performance objectives.

Sean Lane is EHS Manager at a unionized pulp and paper mill in Western Kentucky and serves as an adviser for environmental, health, and safety to the employees and management of that organization. He has served in a similar role at an aluminum smelter as well as various other heavy industrial manufacturers and has had success in establishing systems that have resulted fewer employees injured.

Sean’s philosophy is to provide education and advice to employees and management such that they have the tools necessary to make the right decision at the right time to ensure safe completion of work regardless of the challenge presented.

Personally, Sean is the father of five children ages 4-12 and volunteers as a leader in his son’s Cub Scout Pack.