Pushing/Pulling Risk Assessment Form


Some jobs may require workers to regularly engage in pushing or pulling, such as pushing heavy levers up and down, pulling hoses or pushing objects from side to side. Pushing and pulling can expose workers to the risk of musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) to the arms, shoulders or back. So you must assess the risk of MSIs posed by such tasks and take steps to eliminate or minimize that risk.


Use this form to identify and assess the risk factors for MSIs for jobs requiring workers to push or pull materials or equipment. Adapt this form for your operations. Answering yes to one or more of the questions in Part 1 indicates conditions that increase the risk of MSIs. The more “Yes” responses, the greater the possible risk of injury. If you determine there’s a high possibility of the risk of MSIs, consider whether you can implement any or some of the corrective measures in Part 2 to address the identified risk factors.