Does Nurse Working Full-Time During Medical School Break Get Workers’ Comp?

In 2018, while working at a nursing during a break from medical school, a registered nurse (RN) injured his back while moving an obese patient. Pain from the injury forced him to quit medical school 5 months later. After ping-ponging around the comp system, the case reached the New Brunswick Workers’ Comp Appeals Tribunal which ruled that: 1. Even though he was a student, the RN was in a loss of earning situation when the injury occurred because he was working full time as an RN and not studying at the time and was planning to eventually resume his work as an RN; and 2. His benefits should be based on a partial year of earnings subtracting the amount of time he actually was studying in 2018 [20198899 (Re), 2019 CanLII 78468 (NB WCAT), August 19, 2019].