WSH Regulations

Newly published WSH regulations update the versions of the CSA, ANSI and other standards that particular types of PPE, machinery, equipment and operations must meet and make other changes.

Highlights of Manitoba WSH Regulatory Changes Published Oct. 18
Regulation Change
PPE (Sec. 6.15(1)) Respiratory protective equipment must meet CSA-Z94.4-11, Selection, Use, and Care of Respirators
Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs) (Sec. 8.1(1)) Currently required MSI assessment must be done by a competent person
Noise Control (Sec. 12.2) Currently noise exposure assessment must meet CSA Z107.56-13, Measurement of Noise Exposure
Portable Ladders (Sec. 13.11(a) + (b)) Commercially manufactured portable ladder must meet CSA Z11-18 + ANSI-ASC A14.1-2017
Fixed Ladders (Sec. 13.20(1)) Fixed ladders in a vertical position or angle of not more that 25° to the vertical must:
*Meet ANSI-ASC A14.3-2008 (R2018), Ladders – Fixed – Safety Requirement
*If over 5 m high, be equipped with a ladder cage or proper fall protection system
*If over 9 m high, be equipped with one rest platform at a height of 9 m or less and additional rest platforms at intervals of no more than 5 m
Confined Spaces (Part 15) Updates versions of CSA standards required in current regulation