OHS Scorecard: 5 Biggest OHS Fines in BC (April thru June 2019)

OHS Scorecard: 5 Biggest OHS Fines in BC (April thru June 2019)
Fine Offender Offence(s)(1) 2020 Filing Deadline
$662,102 Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. (Kitimat Plant Division) Two aluminum smelter maintenance workers suffer injuries after getting trapped in a gas treatment centre reactor Failure to ensure that energy-isolating devices were locked in a safe position using acceptable procedures made available to all workers required to work on the equipment (high-risk violation)
$646,302 Teck Metals Ltd. WorkSafeBC inspector observe worker walking through a hazardous energized equipment area without a barrier or safeguard in place Failure to ensure equipment was fitted with adequate safeguards to ensure workers can’t access hazardous points of operation (repeat and high-risk violation)
$165,301 Shell Canada Limited Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) release during cleaning of contaminated well tubing at natural gas well abandonment worksite results in injuries to 3 workers and one other performing rescue operations Failure, as prime contractor, to (all high-risk violations):
*Implement an effective detection and mitigation program for contaminated steel tubing
*Conduct a risk assessment
*Create written procedures or provide information to workers and subcontractors about potential H2S release
*Analyze risks related to potential release of gases
$159,811 Tsetsaut Ventures Ltd. New worker in a machine shop killed was inflating a tire on a rim assembly when the rim assembly blew apart. Worker killed by flying debris Failure to:
*Have adequate OHS program
*Have safe operating procedures for rim assembly
*Ensure worker received site orientation or new worker training
*Ensure workers were aware of health and safety hazards
*Ensure workers received adequate health and safety information, instruction, training and supervision
*Have a workplace JHSC
$126,226 Craftsman Collision (1981) Ltd. WorkSafeBC inspector observes worker using a tight-fitting respirator while sanding a vehicle who isn’t clean-shaven *Failure to ensure workers were clean-shaven to create an effective seal between respirator and face (repeat violation)

(1) All defendants charged as employers unless otherwise indicated