Protect Your Workers From Grinding Wheel Hazards

“Grinding wheels,” or machines that power a wheel constructed of abrasive materials to spin at rapid speeds for grinding, smoothing, cutting, cleaning or shaping a fixed object are commonly found in maintenance and machine shops. Some grinding wheels are fixed in place; others are portable and handheld. All are potentially dangerous. Hazards include:

  • Eye injuries caused by sparks, chips, dusts or flying objects from the object being grinded;
  • Inhalation of dusts generated during grinding;
  • Contact with moving machine parts; and
  • Shattering or rupturing of the wheel causing parts to fly in all directions.

That’s why OHS laws require employers to take measures to ensure safe grinding wheel use. In addition to serious or even fatal injury, failure to comply with OHS requirements can also lead to fines, stop-work orders and other enforcement actions. Go to the OHSI website for a 7-step compliance Game Plan to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.