Postal Workers Not Entitled to Additional Pay for Attending Safety Training

A union complained that 28 postal workers should get paid at least $15 per hour for attending required training on safe lifting for 1.5 hours, arguing that workplace safety training isn’t a task or activity included in their daily duties or covered by their route wages. The arbitrator found that training on safe lifting is a component of the employer’s duty to ensure workers know the hazards at work and provide the training necessary to ensure their health and safety. Thus, such training is a necessary and integral component of the workers’ daily work. In addition, there was no evidence that this training caused any of the workers to exceed their normal workday or workweek. So the arbitrator dismissed the grievance [Canadian Union of Postal Workers v. Canada Post Corp., [2012] C.L.A.D. No. 307, Nov. 1, 2012].