Playbook on Employee Wellbeing for RCC Members

​The following document has been prepared to provide members of the Retail Council of Canada a perspective on global best practices from retailers around the world on operating their business during the COVID-19 pandemic.​

​We have compiled these materials through a scan of practices observed from companies in countries that have started to emerge from the government imposed restrictions on the essential, non-essential and restaurant sectors.​

​These materials are intended to provide you with a framework for key considerations and relevant global best practices as you operate your business in today’s challenging environment.​

​These are not intended to be legal advice or to replace local health and government guidelines. The COVID-19 crisis is rapidly evolving and there are different considerations for retailers in different regions and sub-sectors of the retail industry. Readers should consult the applicable laws & regulations, and guidelines issued by federal & provincial health and labor authorities, to make the best decisions for their respective businesses.​

​Where feasible, sources & links have been provided & identified but, given the rapidly changing environment, sources are not possible for all statements. Members should perform their own research before executing any measures herein.​

​This is a non-exhaustive document and the Retail Council of Canada is keen to solicit your feedback on additional topics that may be relevant for your business for future iterations of this playbook.

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