fall protection

Know the Laws of Your Province: OHS Fall Protection Requirements

Each province has slightly different OHS rules on fall protection

OHS Insider — July 2017

In this issue, we discuss near miss management, medical marijuana, new commercial fishing vessel safety regulations and earthquake preparedness.

Marijuana in the Workplace: A Balancing Act

This webinar will help you understand and manage the many workplace legal risks associated with marijuana and other substances, legal and otherwise.

WINNERS & LOSERS: When Do Safety Signs Provide Sufficient Warning?

When does a safety sign sufficiently warn of the related hazard? Here’s a look at two cases that turn on the sufficiency of safety signage.

OHS Insider Month in Review – June 2017

A roundup of new legislation, regulations, government announcements, court cases and arbitration rulings

Infographic: Sun Safety and UV Radiation in Canada

This infographic shows how much time Canadians spend in the sun, the sun protection they use and the average levels of UV radiation across the country.

Environmental Compliance Insider, Special Report 2017, Vol. 2

This special report, our second of 2017, contains the most recent environmental compliance articles, laws, cases, tools, etc. from the website.


What’s preventing these extension ladders from slipping off the very narrow scaffold platform? Learn how to protect workers using such equipment.

2017 OHS Insider Newsletter Semi-Annual Index

This index lists all articles published in the OHS Insider monthly newsletter from January through June 2017. All articles are also available online.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: 10 Forklift Safety Tips

What could’ve—and should’ve—been done to keep this forklift from overturning? Here are 10 safety tips to give your forklift operators.