SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Watch Where You Point that Thing!

What’s wrong with how this worker is holding this nail gun? What could go wrong?

FIRST AID: Take 5 Steps to Comply with Eyewash Station Requirements

If something should get into a worker’s eyes, it’s critical that he flushes them as soon as possible to prevent or minimize any damage.

KNOW THE LAWS: Eyewash Station Requirements

Here are the basic requirements under the OHS laws in each jurisdiction for eyewash stations.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: You Should Judge a Container by Its Label

What’s wrong with these containers of hazardous substances, particularly their labels?

OHS PROGRAM: 5 Keys to a Near Miss Management System

A near miss management system will help you identify near misses, ensure they get reported and take appropriate steps to respond to them.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: A Lot of Good This Sign Is Doing

Did these workers not see the pretty prominent sign or are they just not worried about their heads?

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Is Injury Suffered During Safety Training Compensable?

A worker says he injured his testicle while suspended in a fall protection harness during training the previous day. Is his injury covered by workers' comp?

Recorded Webinar: Inspections vs. Investigations: Did They Need a Warrant and What Happens if...

This session with Jeremy Warning will discuss the complex and challenging area of OHS inspections v. investigations through legal and practical commentary.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Protect Workers from Insects & the Diseases They May Spread

If this mosquito was to bite one of your workers, he’d just get a small itchy spot and probably nothing more serious, right?

DOS & DON’TS: [√] Document Worker’s Refusal of First Aid or Medical Treatment

If a worker gets hurt or sick and refuses first aid or other medical treatment for his injury or illness, document his refusal in writing.