OK to Fire Worker Who Lied about Serious Safety Incident

A forklift operator drove into a rack, seriously damaging it. Luckily, no products fell off the rack. The operator didn’t report the incident, which was discovered on the next shift. And he falsified documents to cover it up. He only admitted what happened when the employer confronted him with irrefutable proof. So the employer fired him. The arbitrator noted that the 23-year employee had committed a serious safety infraction and then compounded his error by even more serious misconduct. And it couldn’t conclude that the operator wouldn’t commit another serious safety infraction in the future. His admission and apology came far too late. Thus, his termination was justified [Winners Merchants Intl LP v. Workers United Canada Council, Local 152, [2013] CanLII 74235 (ON LA), Nov. 25, 2013].