OHS & Workers’ Comp Workplace Posting Requirements Checklist – British Columbia

The duty to post notices, information and other materials at your workplace for your employees comes in 2 basic kinds.

Use this checklist to ensure your organization has the required postings.


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Notice telling workers where copy of Workers’ Comp Act, Part 3 + OHS Regs. are available for review (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 115(2)(f))
Names + work locations of JHSC members (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 138)
Reports from 3 most recent JHSC meetings (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 138)
Copy of any OHS orders pertaining to workplace issued in past 12 months (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 138)
OHS info summary from workers’ comp board (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 155(4)(a))
Application for variance under Workers’ Comp Act Part 3 (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 167(1)(a))
Copy of determination decision on variance application for (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 167(1)(a)):

  • 7 days if variance is rejected
  •  As long as variance remains in effect if variance is approved
Notice of cancellation or revision of variance (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 189)
Corrective action report after an incident investigation (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 176(2)(b))
OHS inspection report (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 183(a))
Compliance agreement after being cited for OHS violation (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 186.1(3))
Inspector’s order if OHS inspector requires it (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 193)
Report on implementation of compliance agreement + follow-up (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 194(4)(a))
Request for review of admin. monetary penalty (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 196(4)(a))
Workplace inspection report (for at least 7 days or until compliance achieved, whichever is longer—12 months if report contains orders re: JHSC or safety rep for workplace) (OHS Regs., Sec. 2.5(1))
Any placard issued by workers’ comp board entitled “Notice to Workers” (OHS Regs., Sec. 2.7)
Written first aid procedures (OHS Regs., Sec. 3.17(2))
Rated capacity of a storage rack (OHS Regs., Sec. 4.43.1(6))
List of all cytotoxic drugs present in the workplace in storage and preparation areas for cytotoxic drugs (OHS Regs., Sec. 6.47)
Spill procedures for cytotoxic drugs (OHS Regs., Sec. 6.58(2))
Worker instructions under a radiation exposure control plan (OHS Regs., Sec. 7.20(2))
Entry permit for a confined space (OHS Regs., Sec. 9.13(2))
Confined space atmosphere test results (OHS Regs., Sec. 9.26(4))
Checklist listing the machinery or equipment components covered by a group lockout (OHS Regs., Sec. 10.9(2)(c))
Written group lockout procedures (OHS Regs., Sec. 10.9(7))
Notice of project at construction project site (OHS Regs., Sec. 20.2)


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Placard identifiers for a hazardous product may be posted in lieu of a WHMIS workplace label (OHS Regs., Sec. 5.12)
Signs at boundaries of designated work area indicating asbestos work is in progress, the hazards, + the precautions required for entering the work area (OHS Regs., Sec. 6.13(2))
Signs in automotive service work areas where workers may be exposed to asbestos due to handling of friction material or dust from friction material advising workers of hazards + required precautions (OHS Regs., Sec. 6.24(b))
Warning signs listing the identified hazards must in all areas where cytotoxic drugs are stored or mixed (OHS Regs., Sec. 6.46)
Warning signs describing hazards + health consequences of lead exposure + banning entry of unauthorized workers at boundary of any work area where hazardous lead exposure may occur (OHS Regs., Sec. 6.62)
Warning signs before a moderately or very toxic pesticide or fumigant is applied (OHS Regs., Sec. 6.68)
Warning signs at entrance to hazardous noise areas (OHS Regs., Sec. 7.5(e))
Signs or placards outside work area or enclosure where hazardous materials are handled warning workers of hazards within identified restricted access area + stating precautions required for entry into area (OHS Regs., Sec. 12.130)
Load chart must be permanently posted on the crane or hoist or issued to the crane or hoist operator who must keep it available at all times when operating the crane or hoist (OHS Regs., Sec. 14.5(3))

JHSC: Joint Health + Safety Committee
Safety Rep: Workplace Health + Safety Representative
DSR: Designated Smoking Room