OHS & Workers’ Comp Workplace Posting Requirements Checklist – Alberta

The duty to post notices, information and other materials at your workplace for your employees comes in 2 basic kinds.

Use this checklist to ensure your organization has the required postings.


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Name of prime contractor for site, if any (OHS Act, Sec. 10(3))
Govt. OHS order issued to employer for workplace (OHS Act, Sec. 15(1)(a))
OHS notice from Director regarding conditions or procedures at workplace (OHS Act, Sec. 15(1)(b))
Names + contact info of JHSC members at each worksite that JHSC represents (OHS Act, Sec. 23(1))
Names + contact info of safety rep for workplace at each worksite that rep represents (OHS Act, Sec. 23(2))
Minutes of most recent JHSC meeting (within 7 days—may also be provided electronically) (OHS Act, Sec. 27(4)(c))
Copy of request for acceptance affecting workplace (OHS Act, Sec. 55(8)(a))
Copy of acceptance if it’s OK’d (OHS Act, Sec. 55(13)(a))
Stop work, stop use or other order issued for workplace (OHS Act, Sec. 66(d))
Description of signal system used to control movement of a material hoist (at operator’s station + on each floor) (OHS Code, Sec. 85(1)(a))
Code used in communication system in underground shaft hoist (at every landing in shaft + at operator’s controls) (OHS Code, Sec. 108(4))
Checklist identifying machinery or equipment covered by hazardous energy control procedure completed that’s signed by worker employer designates once all required energy-isolating devices have been activated (OHS Code, Sec. 215(3)(c))
Safe operating procedures for a riding conveyor belt (OHS Code, Sec. 603(4))
Copy of WCB “When an Injury Happens Poster” (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 145)


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Signs saying that: (a) asbestos, silica, coal dust or lead are present in an area; (b) only authorized persons may enter area; + (c) eating, drinking + smoking is banned in area (OHS Code, Sec. 29(2))
Warning signs in any work area where noise level exceeds 85 dBA (OHS Code, Sec. 221(2)(c))
Warning sign or marking clearly indicating the nature of the hazard on or near a hole or opening secured by a temporary cover (OHS Code, Sec. 314(3))
Sign or placard may be used in lieu of a WHMIS work site label (OHS Code, Sec. 401)
No smoking sign inside work vehicle that: (a) is at least 10 cm by 10 cm with surface area of at least 100 cm2; (b) lists no-smoking symbol + phrase “no smoking”; + (c) has contrasting background making text clearly legible (Tobacco Reduction Regs., Sec. 2(2))

JHSC: Joint Health + Safety Committee
Safety Rep: Workplace Health + Safety Representative
DSR: Designated Smoking Room