OHS Insider Month in Review – October 2017: Manitoba



Oct. 1: If you have an indoor smoking ban, make sure it covers e-cigarettes to comply with new laws banning e-cigarettes in indoor places where conventional tobacco products are currently not allowed.

OHS Review
Dec. 31: That’s the informal deadline for the Advisory Council on Workplace Safety and Health conducting legislatively mandated 5-year review of the OHS laws to issue its recommendations. We’ll keep you apprised.

Carbon Pricing
Oct. 11: The federal government has the legal authority to impose its “backstop” carbon pricing scheme on Manitoba, according to an independent lawyer that the province hired to study the question. However, the provincial government also has a “credible legal avenue” to propose a “made-in-Manitoba” approach, the lawyer concludes. The opinion comes as Manitoba faces the decision of complying with the Ottawa directive or pursuing its own version more in line with provincial interests.

Flood Risk
Oct. 12: Manitoba will get nearly $800,000 from the federal government to perform flood mapping inventory for 3 priority watersheds in the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba basins, the government announced.