OHS Insider Month in Review – August 2017: Newfoundland & Labrador



Climate Change

June 23: Unlike New Brunswick, Newfoundland is not on track to meet its 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 10% below 1990 levels, according to the Auditor General. The government will have to implement additional measures to achieve its targets, the report says.

Environmental Assessments

EPA environmental assessment actions in July (from most to least recent):

  • Registration of Springdale Junction Agriculture Forage and Pasture Land [Reg. 1910]
  • Registration of Buchans Plateau ATV Trails [Reg. 1911]
  • Release of Portugal Cove Road Quarry [Reg. 1882]
  • Release of Petty Harbour Microbrewery [Reg. 1892]
  • Release of Twillingate Microbrewery [Reg. 1897]
  • Release of Peterview Gravel Quarry (subject to conditions) [Reg. 1886]
  • Registration of Crown District 23 Five-Year Forestry Operating Plan [Reg. 1909]
  • Registration of Crown Zone 4 Five-Year Forestry Operating Plan [Reg. 1908]
  • Registration of Cormack Microbrewery [Reg. 1907]
  • Registration of Crown District 19A Five-Year Forestry Operating Plan [Reg. 1906]
  • Registration of Crown Zone 8 Five-Year Forestry Operating Plan [Reg. 1905]
  • Registration of Bay Bulls Forage Farm Development [Reg. 1904]
  • Registration of Glovertown Cranberry Farm [Reg. 1903]
  • Release of Pearl Drilling Liquid Mud Plant (Haliburton) [Reg. 1893]
  • Registration of Corner Brook Microbrewery [Reg. 1901]
  • Registration of Crown District 2 Five-Year Forestry Operating Plan [Reg. 1902]
  • Appointment of EAS Committee for Health Science Centre Berm [Reg. 1887].