OHS Insider Month in Review – August 2017: New Brunswick



Smoke-Free Workplaces

July 6: Newly proposed regulations would let government inspectors and peace officers issue tickets for smoking in public places including:

  • Within 9 metres of doorways, windows and air intakes of indoor workplaces or enclosed public buildings
  • On or within 3 metres of patios where food and alcohol is served
  • On or within 20 metres of kids’ equipment and sports areas in outdoor public places
  • On the grounds of regional health authorities
  • Within provincial parks, rented campsites, golf courses and designated park areas.

Climate Change

June 20: The Auditor General tabled her report on progress in cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Punchline: The province is on track to meet its 2020 deadline; but more will have to be done to hit targets for 2030 and 2050, which may include new and more ambitious reductions legislation. Emissions reductions under the status quo won’t get it done.