Office Manager Convicted of Filming Female Worker in Bathroom

An office manager hid an iPhone in a bathroom and used it to secretly record a female worker using the facilities on several occasions. The worker found the hidden phone and called the police, who arrested the manager. He pleaded guilty to voyeurism. At sentencing, the court noted that the manager claimed he only hid the phone to catch the worker wasting time by texting in the bathroom and that he had no sexual motive. He did apologize, admitting his conduct was “stupid and callous.” However, because of his actions, the worker felt compelled to quit her job. And his actions send “a chilling message to women that even the washrooms at their places of employments are not safe,” said the court. So it sentenced him to probation for one year [R. v. Muggridge, [2015] NLPC 1314 (CanLII), March 11, 2015].