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Not Reprisal to Fire Probationary Worker Who Raised Facemask Concerns

An editor working in a cramped basement asked his manager to require people at the site to wear facemasks to guard against COVID-19. The manager refused, saying that he considered masks a matter of personal freedom. So, the editor called CNESST, who sent an inspector. The mask issues continued, so the editor called CNESST again. Two days later, he was terminated. But CNESST dismissed his reprisal claim. True, the editor exercised an OHS right and was fired shortly afterward. But his employment was probationary and there were documented problems with his work and ability to get along with co-workers and integrate as a team member [Milot-Rousseau and ARIM inc., 2021 QCCNESST 207 (CanLII), October 7, 2021].